Logitech’s stunning new iPhone app

When I first heard about Logitech’s free Touch Mouse app that turns your iPhone/iPod Touch into a wireless trackpad (and keyboard) for your computer – I had two thoughts.

First – I laughed because I was telling my dad a couple months ago that this was a natural future use of the iPod touch, after seeing him fumble with a wireless mouse, a laptop and a USB dongle.

Second – Think about what guts it took the Logitech suits to embrace this possiblity, build and support an application for it, and release it FOR FREE.

What Logitech has done is abstract the mouse (their main business, at least historically) OFF of the mouse, onto a third party device. The kicker – they’re giving it away for free!

Whenever we came up with an idea like this back in my Telecom “business unit” days, we’d get stern business advice about cannibalizing our current revenue stream, how current customers would get pissed off, and how there was no money to be made in “free”.

Then somebody else would go ahead and build and scale the same idea which have varied from Skype, to wholesaling bandwidth in a global WAN.

I’m very impressed that Logitech had the guts, and the balls to be their own “somebody else”.

I’m swimming a similar idea upstream at work at the moment…maybe someday I can tell you how it pans out.

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