iPod touch meets intellivision controller

In my last post, I was talking about how gutsy it was that Logitech would release a trackpad application for the iPhone for FREE – basically cannibalizing it’s own market.

Later in the week I was wondering how the heck Logitech would make any money on this…and it hit me.

It’s not just about turning the iPhone into a simple trackpad – it now becomes a PC peripheral with custom buttons, with infinite overlays, dual screen potential, and an accelerometer.

In short – it’s now as versatile as the intellivsion controller in the 1980’s – where you just slid in your custom plastic sheet and the keypad became a custom baseball controller or or whatever.

Thanks to Tom's Heroes for the overlays

Oddly reminiscent of an iPhone, huh?

If Logitech succeeds in becoming the defacto standard for iPhone to PC communication as trackpad plus – there’s probably a ton of different apps that will license this underlying capability as smart handhelds become ubiquitous.

Everything from slideshow controller to media center remote control is on the table for Logitech now.

And I think that’s how Logitech is going to make some money on this.

Now Apple came very close to doing this themselves when they launched the Remote application that let you browse through your Mac music library – but they didn’t take the complete plunge.

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