Welcome to readers of the St. Matt’s yearbook!

Well, it was so nice to see so many ‘shout outs’ from J’s buds in the St. Matt’s yearbook. As you know, I’ve always tried to guide the ‘youth of today’ with wise words if not deeds, and it’s nice to see this effort appreciated.

After 9 years of silence on this blog – here’s a St. Matt’s focused post for everybody joining the party.

Notable accomplishments of the last decade was multiple top 5 finishes, and winning the St. Matt’s Trivia Fundraiser night once. That year they wouldn’t announce the name of our team as the winners, cause we called ourselves ‘The Abdicators’. Oh, the scandal, gotta love Catholic schools! Aydan did a great job last year as trivia emcee, but we only came in second (to Max’s dad!) so clearly he was not sharing any answers with us.

I am also a Cory Ell superfan – really appreciate all his live music during this COVID crisis, and the fact that he can transpose musical keys in his head…that dude has put in his 10,000 hours! Cory and I went to St. Matt’s when it only went to Grade 10, and when it only had Touch Football (won the boards that Grade 10 year, btw).

Anyways here’s a nice shot of a recent getaway – all the best to you lads in your future endeavors.

lads at ragged falls

“Just get us back in the van, dammit!” – Ragged Falls near Algonquin

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Check back often.

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